· Evaluate the relevance of a research article to a literature review

Health Science

Any credible research proposal must include a thorough summary and critical evaluation of previous work relevant to the intended subject. An effective literature review will not only allow the investigator to demonstrate mastery of the subject, but it should also provide the foundation upon which the case for further study is based.

This week, you will review the key elements of a literature review, and you will investigate the tools and processes required to create one. Although you will not conduct and write a full literature review, you will become familiar with the tasks and methods needed to locate and analyze current research

· Demonstrate how to complete a computer search for relevant literature

· Evaluate the relevance of a research article to a literature review

Finding literature related to your research topic can be challenging. Earlier researchers were required to hand search for hours through journals in multiple libraries to find appropriate resources. Today, electronic libraries such as Walden University’s can provide access to scholarly documents within minutes.

To preparation for this Discussion:

· Finalize your research topic based on the comments from your colleagues in Week 1.

· Review this week’s Learning Resources for library assistance.

Neutens, J. J., & Rubinson, L. (2014). Research techniques for the health sciences (5th ed.). San Francisco: Benjamin Cummings.

· Chapter 3, “Critical Review of the Literature and Information Sources”

Chapter 3 provides methods for critically reviewing the literature and other information sources. It will step you through the review process, from reading the background information to finding shortcuts to determining the level of evidence.



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