1-2 pages critique (creative paper)

I need to make a bench design. But before I do that our professor asked me to find three option locations on campus where the engineering building can be a background and then to choose the best option where I want to place my design in. Attached is a PDF file with the three pictures of the three locations I chose and the final choice that I made. Please write at least 100 word critique for each location, and the reason for our final choice ( Sun, composition, surrounding objects are all very important things to write about! please keep them in mind.) attached is the picture of the location in front of the engineering building. ** This assignment is due soon so please follow the instruction carefully!

Important note: the assignment is due 2 hours from now.

General idea about the assignment:

This assignment will involve exploring the design of a bench in front of the engineering building. The main purpose of this project is to provide a photo opportunity spot with the engineering building behind it . Your ‘client’ is a family wanting to take graduation pictures with their graduate in cap and gown. Sun, composition, surrounding objects are all important things to think about! 

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