1 A dog wags (its, it’s) tail for many different reasons; it is not just a sign of happiness.

1 A dog wags (its, it’s) tail for many different reasons; it is not just a sign of happiness.

it’s, it’s

it’s, its

its, it’s

its, its

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Question 2

1 pts

You are not the only one who is tired of infomercials; I am sick of them.

Your, whose, I’m

Your, who’s, I’am

You’re, who’s, I’m

You’re, whose, I’am

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Question 3

1 pts

If a (company’s, companies’) reputation is built on product performance, then that company should have become famous a long time ago.

company’s, should of

company’s, should’ve

companies’, should of

companies’, should’ve

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Question 4

1 pts

We are working with acid in the lab, and it is a little scary.

We’re, its

Were, its

We’re, it’s

Were, it’s

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Question 5

1 pts

The technician arrived to fix (Trevor’s, Trevors’) computer; it has been giving him trouble lately.

Trevors’, it’s

Trevor’s, its

Trevor’s, it’s

Trevors’, its

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Question 6

1 pts

Each (student’s, students’) desk was so large that it was not possible for anyone to walk down the aisles without a lot of trouble.

students’, was’nt

student’s, was’nt

student’s, wasn’t

students’, wasn’t

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Question 7

1 pts

I could have avoided turning my paper in late, but unfortunately I did not.

could’ve, didn’t

could of, didn’t

could’ve, did’nt

could of, did’nt

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Question 8

1 pts

She was supposed to meet her friend after work, but she could not see her (friend’s, friends’) car anywhere in the parking lot.

could’nt, friends’

couldn’t, friend’s

could’nt, friend’s

couldn’t, friends’

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Question 9

1 pts

What is the focus of (tomorrow’s, tomorrows’) homework assignment?

What’s, tomorrow’s

What’s, tomorrows’

Whats’, tomorrow’s

Whats’, tomorrows’

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Question 10

1 pts

Last night, we heard (people’s, peoples’) voices coming from our backyard, and we knew that could not be good.

peoples’, couldn’t

people’s, could’nt

peoples’, could’nt

people’s, couldn’t

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Question 11

1 pts

My English (teacher’s, teachers’) policy on lateness is not stated in his syllabus.

teachers’, is’nt

teachers’, isn’t

teacher’s, is’nt

teacher’s, isn’t

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Question 12

1 pts

We were proud to show off the (city’s, citys’) charms to our visiting relatives, but they were not as impressed as they might have been.

city’s, weren’t, might of

citys’, weren’t, might of

city’s, weren’t, might’ve

city’s, were’nt, might’ve

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Question 13

1 pts

He was not prepared for the substitute (teacher’s, teachers’) question.

was’nt, teachers’

wasn’t, teacher’s

wasn’t, teachers’

was’nt, teacher’s

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Question 14

1 pts

My cousin is getting married in France next spring. My frequent flyer miles will notadd up to a trip to Europe in time to attend my (cousin’s, cousins’) wedding.

wo’nt, cousin’s

wo’nt, cousins’

won’t, cousins’

won’t, cousin’s

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Question 15

1 pts

(Men’s, Mens’) bikes and (women’s, womens’) bikes are more similar.

Men’s, women’s

Mens’, womens’

Men’s, womens’

Mens’, women’s

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