1. If you need to determine impacts on revenue resulting from an increase or decrease in price and/

1. If you need to determine impacts on revenue resulting from an increase or decrease in price and/ or sales, the best option to use is aA. databaseB. Spreadsheet2. All other issues, aside a customer is to do buisness or increase businesswith a company if a customer perceives that a service issue is not dealt with fairly.A. likelyB. Not likely3. True or false? data warehousing and data mining mean the same thing when applied to CRM.A. trueB. false4. Paul has been working long hours. He is tired and distracted by family issues, so he has not been doing record updates regularly. There is a sudden poweroutage in the building and the last 15 records he has been working on have notbeen saved to the database.Which of the following best describes this data issues?A. Malicious data lossB. accidental data leakC. malicious data leakD. accidental data loss5. Your network administrator finds a virus in the network software. Fortunately,she was able to eliminate it before it resulted in a denial-of-service attack, whichwould have prevented legitimate users of the networked database from gaining access to the records needed. It turns out that the network softwaredid not have adequate security protections in place. this could be considered.A. threatB. vulnerability6. Which is the largest component found inside a field?A. bitsB. charactersC. recordsD. tables7. What are procedures that help keep a database current?A. database query proceduresB. report generation proceduresC. File maintenance proceduresD.Data entry procedures8. You accidentally leave your Iphone in the back of a cab on the way to a meeting. This Iphone is company -owned and contains links to the companydatabase. The next day it is discovered that data from the database has beendownloaded by someone who does not have authorization to access that data. which threat best describes this database breach?A. unauthorized access by insidersB. unprotected personal hardware collectionC. theft of database backup tapes or hard drivesD. Accidental breach resulting from incorrect (but not malicious) usage9. You make a phone call to your local electricity company with a question aboutyour most recent bill. You are passed from department to department beforefinally getting to a representative who can address your concerns. Which ofthe following CRM components needs to be addressed in order to make yourcontact less-time consuming?A. keeping valuable staffB. cleaning up the dataC. mining social media inputsD. privacy10. you receive an offer for a credit card that can be use to accrue points that apply to purchase of airline tickets. This comes from a bank that you currentlydo not use for any banking services. This is a form of CRM that is most typically used for.A. acquiring new customerB. promoting loyalty to the companyC. a special service for current customersD. retention of customers11. which of the following would be an example of a loss of record integrity in adatabase?A. you enter the wrong password three times and find that you are locked out of the site you are trying to access.B. because the word ”mortgage” appears in the subject line of an e-mail yousent to your son or daughter, you begin receiving unsolicited e-mail messages from mortgage companiesC. You receive a notice from your favorite online shopping site that you have an outstanding balance for items that you did’nt order?D. Although you clicked the option to ”do’nt share information with any othercompanies or sites on the bookstores website, you are getting unsolicitede-mail messages from some of the companies that post ads on that site.12. Are the following examples of increasing brand awareness through groups orfans? select yes or no for each optionA. your instant messaging service attaches a message to the bottom of each message inviting the recipient to sign up for this same service provider.A. yesB. NoYou ” friend or ”like” a page o your favorite social media page that advertises a product you approve.A. yesB. Noyour friends on a social media site receives messages from you that encouragethem to start watching a television services that premiered this past week.A.yesB.noWhen you sign on to your favorite social media website, a number of sponseredads appear on your home page.A. yesB.no13. True or False? a database breach always involves PII.A.trueB.false14. true or false? because you have made it a practice to never access the internet while your personal database is open, you can rest assured thatyour database would likely not be vulnerable to any compromises.A. trueB. false15. true or false? a database is typically much less complex than a flat file, butit requires more memory for storage allocation.A. trueB. false16. true or false? It is just too challenging to have different password for everydevice you use and every online site that requires an id and password. Itwould be ok to use a very strong base word or phrase and change the same2 or 3 characters in that word/phrase for each site.A.trueB.false

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