11.22 Netflix & Co.: Movies After DVD and Blu-Ray (Objs. 3, 5, and 6) 11.19 Creating a Line…

  11.22 Netflix & Co.: Movies After DVD and Blu-Ray (Objs. 3, 5, and 6)



11.19 Creating a Line Chart (Obj. 7)

Your Task. Prepare a line chart showing the sales of Sidekick Athletic Shoes, Inc., for these years: 2011, $6.7 million; 2010, $5.4 million; 2009,

$3.2 million; 2008, $2.1 million; 2007, $2.6 million; 2006, $3.6 million. In the chart title, highlight the trend you see in the data.


11.20 Studying Graphics in Annual Reports(Obj. 7) Your Task. In an e-mail or memo to your instructor, evaluate the use and effectiveness of graphics in three to five corporation annual

reports. Critique their readability, clarity, and effectiveness in visualizing

The competition for consumer film rental dollars is fierce. A

400-  employee company, Netflix offers online flat rates for DVD and Blu- ray disc rentals by mail. Users can also stream certain movie titles on the Web and view them on their computers. Netflix has joined the race against Blockbuster, Amazon, Apple, and the cable companies all jos- tling to become the leading provider of online films. Netflix is waging

a battle on two fronts, against Blockbuster for online DVD rentals and with Apple for leadership in digital streaming services. Experts predict that DVDs and Blu-ray discs will go the way of such dinosaurs as VHS tapes and, eventually, music CDs. Apple’s release of the iPad only inten- sifies the rivalry among the competing streaming services. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has no plans to stream films to the Apple device.

Your Task. Using ABI/INFORM, Factiva, or LexisNexis and the Web, find information about the movie rental market today. Research the latest trends in the use of DVD/Blu-ray discs and Web streaming. In a memo or e-mail report, discuss the future of this important entertainment sector. Based on your research, expert opinion, and other resources, reach conclusions about the current state and future prospects of the movie rental business. If possible, make recommendations detailing how the business model could be modified to help Netflix survive the cutthroat competition. Use one or more of the techniques discussed  in this chapter to track your sources. Address your memo or e-mail to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.












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