11.(TCOs 1 and 2) Which of the following is a common mistake that parents make when trying to stop u

11.(TCOs 1 and 2) Which of the following is a common mistake that parents make when trying to stop unwanted behaviors? (Points : 1)They forget to use continuous schedules of reinforcement.(TCOs 1 and 2) Which of these best illustrates the principles of social-cognitive theory? (Points : 1) Shelby misses her curfew by 1 hour and is grounded by her parents for 1 week, yet she continues to miss curfew. When Marla responds angrily to a request from her daughter Bess, Bess’ sister Treva, who observed this response, decides she will wait a day or two before asking for a new stereo. Shea seeks advice from a chat forum on the Internet about her recurring headaches. As a result of the role conflict between her parental responsibilities and her need for personal development, Irina decides to drop out of college for a semester. They create intermittent schedules of reinforcement when they think they are punishing.They use intermittent punishment, when they should be using intermittent schedules of reinforcement.They use punishment too frequently.17.(TCOs 1 and 2) Which of the following is caused by a gene on the X chromosome? (Points : 1) Tay-Sachs disease Color blindness PKU Sickle-cell diseaseYour friend is taking Accutane for her adult acne. She comes to you and says that she thinks she is pregnant. What is the best advice that you can give her? (Points : 1)Not to worry, because Accutane has been proven safe for pregnant mothers.Accutane is likely to cause skin disorders in her fetus, so she should stop taking it.It is best to see her doctor as soon as possible to determine whether or not the drug is safe.As long as she is getting adequate nutrition and taking prenatal vitamins, she shouldn’t worry about drug effects on the fetus.Question 18.18.(TCOs 1 and 2) A blastocyst is floating inside of Daria’s uterus. In what stage is Daria’s pregnancy? (Points : 1) Fetal Embryonic Zygotic Germinal

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