​This assignment entails the completion 2-3 pages

This assignment entails the completion of the following tasks:

  • You will draft an Employment Agreement based upon further instructions provided.
  • You will compose a paper (not less than one page but no more than two pages) explaining how your Employment Agreement satisfies all of the elements of a valid, enforceable contract and the jurisdiction’s law governing covenants not to compete. Further instructions are provided below.
  • You must submit to me, by 11:59p.m. on Sunday, April 9, the Employment Agreement and paper via Blackboard. PLEAS NOTE: You must attach both the Agreement and paper in the one submission. Blackboard allows you to attach multiple documents in a submission.

You are an employer who has conducted interviews for an open position within your company. You are ready to extend an offer to one of the interviewees, but first you need to compose an Employment Agreement. You are very concerned with the state of the economy at the present time, and do not want to enter into any long-term contracts with any of your employees. On the other hand, you do not want to invest the time and money it takes to train a new employee, and then have that employee leave your company in a year and go to work for one of your competitors.

  • The Employment Agreement must contain the following provisions:
    • Name and address of the Employer (You must choose between Alabama or Florida as the applicable jurisdiction and location of the business)
    • Name and address of the Employee
    • Description of the company
    • Description of the job (you determine what type of job the agreement will cover)
    • Salary and other benefits
    • Duration of the employment agreement
    • Covenant not to compete
    • Any other provisions you feel are necessary
    • Signatures space and the date of the Agreement

The format for the Employment Agreement should be straightforward and concise. Use language that is clear—in other words, do not use a lot of “legalese” that most people will not understand. It is prohibited for you to copy an existing employment agreement. You must write the agreement in your own words. The Agreement should be no more than two pages, typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman font.


Write a research paper in which you address the performance management system of a selected organization, based on information you have gathered and analyzed about the organization.

It is essential for members of management to understand the importance of conducting appraisals because an effective performance management system is key in improving employee performance, which ultimately adds to the bottom line of the organization. Failure to communicate performance expectations and achievements means that employees might not understand what is expected of them or how they can improve. Additionally, formal performance management is imperative to help protect an organization against legal claims.

Understanding Target Markets

Purpose of Assignment

To develop effective relationship marketing, a company must first understand its targeted consumers’ buying influences and behaviors. This week’s assignment is the first part of the development of a marketing plan. It provides the foundation of the marketing plan and introduces the student to a variety of diagrammatic tools for understanding a business.

Assignment Steps

To develop effective relationship marketing, a company must first understand its targeted consumers’ buying influences and behaviors. In Week 2, create the Research section of your plan.

Create the research section of your marketing plan in minimum of 700 words.

Include at least 3 elements of the Research List of Topics (see list below):

  • Research List of Topics:
    • Primary Research
    • Secondary Research
    • Consumer Analysis
    • Customer Profile
    • Continuous Consumer Monitoring & Research
    • Environmental Scanning
    • Identify Market, Economic, Technological, Regulatory, Legal, Social, and Ecological Forces
    • Current Opportunities
    • Potential Future Opportunities
    • Current Threats
    • Potential Future Threat
  • Diagrams are not required but can be used to provide clarity and conciseness. Diagrams (and subsequent discussion) can include SWOT (emphasizes internal market–Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) TOWS (emphasizes the external market–Threats, Opportunities, Weakness, Strength), PEST (Political, Economical, Social, Technological), SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results), and/or STEEP (Social, Technological, Environmental, Economical, Political). All diagram(s) should be in APA format and must include a subsequent discussion of the diagram(s) providing insight and clarity. Tables and Diagrams are a supplement, not a substitute for verbiage.

Develop the first two parts of the Target Market section, which includes an overview of the demographics (age, income, family members, and birthdays) and psychographics (activities, interests, and opinions) analysis. This is not a detailed analysis but an overview (basic trends and insights from the data that is presented in annual reports and other SEC type filings).

Explain the insights you have gained from your inspection and analysis of the demographic and psychographic information you have found.

This assignment will be incorporated into your overall marketing plan for Week 6.

Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Be sure to read the Understanding Target Markets Grading Guide for guidance on how the paper will be graded.

problemas de salud del nino en los circulatorios

hola necesito este trabajo en power point, APA Y que no sea copia.

necesito definicion, sintomas, tratamiento, intervenciones de enfermeria, diagnosticos de enfermeria de cada una y en que etapa son mas frecuentes cada enfermedad y las etapas pediatricas son: RECIEN NACIDO O NEONATO, LACTANTE, PREESCOLAR, ESCOLAR, ADOLECENTE,. POR FAVOR NECESITO INTRODICCION, CONCLUCIONES Y REFERENCIAS EN APA.

Discussion: Marketing Research Methods

A debate exists among marketing researchers over the use of research techniques. Some researchers believe that the only way to understand consumers and products is to utilize qualitative research. Critics of qualitative research, however, disapprove of methods such as marketing focus groups or in-depth interviews. These critics contend that qualitative research is prone to bias because of small sample size and the subjectivity of qualitative approaches and, therefore, prefer quantitative research methods. Those researchers preferring quantitative research methods point to the use of large sample sizes and rigorous statistical approaches that exemplify the quantitative method and imply greater generalization. Although qualitative and quantitative research methods are traditional forms of gathering data, many marketers are using digital marketing as a means for capturing Big Data, categorizing the data, determining relevant data needed and analyzing the data to make significant decisions.

To prepare for this Discussion, read the weekly learning resources.

By Day 3

Post an evaluation of the role of market research in developing competitive advantage. In your evaluation, answer the following questions:

  • What are the key elements of market research?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of market research?
  • How will digital marketing affect market research methods?
  • How can the various marketing research approaches be used to develop competitive advantage?

Support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and one or more additional scholarly sources.

Applying Interventions to Victims of Terrorism, law homework help

suicide bomber has detonated his incendiary device on the Pink Line of the “El” in Chicago, IL. The emergency response teams have quickly extinguished the fire and have begun to treat the wounded. The explosion took place at 5 p.m. on a busy Thursday afternoon. The initial estimates are that 14 people have been killed and 67 wounded. There is also significant infrastructure damage to the Ashland station, impeding traffic on the Green and Pink lines as well as to and from the Illinois Medical District. Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group from Somalia, has claimed responsibility in response to the U.S. Navy’s killing of Somali pirates. Al-Shabaab warns that 2 more explosions will occur somewhere in other major U.S. cities. Their rationale is that three pirates were killed, and therefore three explosions will occur.

As can be expected, the public across the U.S. is in a panic. You are the public relations director for the Deputy Director of Homeland Security. He has asked you to develop a comprehensive white paper explaining the intervention options that the state and federal government can exercise to alleviate public fear and anxiety. He wants to make sure that you anticipate economic impacts at the local, state, and federal levels; use historical incidents if necessary. Your paper will be the basis for an upcoming DHS press conference in which the Deputy Director will attempt to assuage the public’s fear.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 1,250–1,500 words:
    • Provide a brief summary of the event.
    • What psychological impacts will most likely be present
      • at the local level? Explain
      • at the national level? Explain.
    • What could be the social impacts? Explain.
      • Consider that the attack has significantly affected a major form of public transit for a major city.
    • What could be the economic impacts? Explain.
      • Consider consumer confidence and impacts to businesses.
    • How would the government respond to the attack? Explain.
      • How would the government address the psychological, social, and economic impacts? Explain.
        • Consider immediate, short-term, and long-term impacts.
  • Remember to fully support your arguments with scholarly resources.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. List at a minimum three references.

How would you characterize your writing? Has it been better? Has it been worse?, business and finance homework help


  1. Review the EBSCO tutorial under Reading in Week 1 and search EBSCO for: “Get started with prewriting techniques” (2010) by Robert Raymer
  2. Read and respond to each of the following writing prompts. Please submit your answers to both prompts in a single document.

Part 1: Prewriting – How I Write

Write a 75-150 word essay detailing your previous writing experience. Use the following questions to help you to think about your role as a writer:

  • In what type of environment do you do your best writing?
  • How would you characterize your writing? Has it been better? Has it been worse?
  • Do you write better at night or in the morning?
  • When you are confronted with a writing task, how do you begin?
  • Do you write for pleasure or fun? Do you write for work?
  • What is it about your writing that you would like to improve upon?

Using one or more of the prewriting techniques described in the Raymer article, describe your writing process. Be sure to clearly label the pre-writing technique(s) used.

Part 2: Resources

It is important to know what resources you have to help you through this class. Browse the following resources, and, in 75 to 150 words, describe how you think you will be able to use two or more of these to improve your writing skills.

  • EN101 Syllabus
  • EN101 Course Policies
  • EN101 FAQ
  • EN101 APA Guide
  • EBSCO tutorial
  • Glossary of Writing Terms

Read two articles and write a summary

Read the two articles and write a summary about each one of them.

The summary should not be less than 50 words or more than 70 words.

each article should have separate summary. (use your own words do not just copy it from the article)

Cultural and Business Etiquette

answer those question and complete the report, not just answer question. need analysis and some chart in that. for APA style. and the country is Bhutan , 7 page 1. Why is it important to understand the culture of another country?

2. What are the main elements of culture? Explain in depth each of these elements and examine how they impact the culture of your specific country?

3. How would you try to systematically understand the cultural differences between your specific country and the US? Use Hoffstede’s comparison to highlight the differences between the US and your research topic.

4. How would you deal with ethics in the context of international business? Is bribery/corruption common in this country?

5. What are some of the basic norms regarding business etiquette in that country? Refer to kwintessential.co.uk and Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands to get started.

6. What adjustments would you have to make to do business in the country of your choice?

7. Organize your answers with headings and sub-headings in a paper format. Please do not use the questions as your headings.

8. It is Mandatory to use the APA style with in-text citations. Also, have a Table of Contents with page numbers.

peer Critique of Revised Problem Statements, discussion help

Receiving peer review feedback is very valuable to achieving learning outcomes. Essentially, “peer review” is an academic term for quality control. Articles published in a peer-reviewed journal are closely examined by a panel of reviewers who are experts on the article’s topic, thereby ensuring accurate content and scholarly integrity. For this Discussion, you and your colleagues will conduct peer reviews of your respective Problem Statements.

To prepare for this Discussion, review the criteria for evaluating a business problem statement located on page 13 of the DBA Prospectus Guide, as well as Section 1.3 in the Doctoral Study Rubric and Research Handbook, provided in this week’s Required Readings. Consider how the choice of quantitative or qualitative research methodology does or does not impact specific evaluation criteria.

By Day 3

Post a draft of your revised Problem Statement. Your draft should include the following:

  • One quantitative Problem Statement, based on the draft Problem Statement you submitted in Week 8 of DDBA 8161
  • One qualitative Problem Statement, based on the draft Problem Statement you submitted in Week 8 of DDBA 8161

Refer to the Week 4 Discussion Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.