8.23 Adjustment: We Can Restretch But Not Replace (Obj. 6) Your company, ArtWorkOnline, sells…

  8.23 Adjustment: We Can Restretch But Not Replace (Obj. 6)


Your company, ArtWorkOnline, sells paintings through its Web site and catalogs. It specializes in workplace art intended for offices, executive




suites, conference rooms, and common areas. To make shopping for office art easy, your art consultants preselect art, making sure that the finished product is framed and delivered in perfect shape. You are proud that ArtWorkOnline can offer fine works of original art at incred- ibly low prices.



Recently you received an e-mail from Huntzinger Construction claiming that a large canvas of an oil painting that your company sent had arrived in damaged condition. The e-mail said, “This painting sags, and we can’t possibly hang it in our executive offices.” You were sur- prised at this message because the customer had signed for delivery and not mentioned any damage. The e-mail went on to demand a replacement.

You find it difficult to believe that the painting is damaged because you are so careful about shipping. You give explicit instructions to shippers that large paintings must be shipped standing up, not lying down. You also make sure that every painting is wrapped in two layers of convoluted foam and one layer of Perf-Pack foam, which should be sufficient to withstand any bumps and scrapes that negligent shipping may cause. On the other hand, you will immediately review your pack- ing requirements with your shippers.

It’s against your company policy to give refunds or replace paint- ings that the receiver found acceptable when delivered. However, you could offer Huntzinger Construction the opportunity to take the painting to a local framing shop for restretching at your expense. The

company could send the restretching bill to ArtWorkOnline at 438 West 84th Street, New York, NY 10024.

Your Task. Compose an e-mail adjustment message that regains the customer’s confidence. Send it to Charles M. Huntzinger at cmhuntzinger@huntzconstruction.com.


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