A Literature Review, business and finance homework help

A literature review is a synthesis of what researchers have written about a particular topic and related issues. A lit review is organized by subjects and provides a narrative consisting of sequential reviews of research findings, strung together by transitions that explain how articles support or deviate from each other. In addition to analyzing research findings, the following elements are also integrated into a literature review:

  • Study’s purpose
  • Type of research
  • Theoretical framework
  • Participants
  • Study’s limitations and their implications

You do not have to cover everything, but pick the most important information, given you own research idea. Each section of a literature review should culminate in a summary of current knowledge and a gap analysis that explains what is still missing from the body of knowledge (relevant to your own study).

Find 5-7 recent research articles on your research topic on procurement in project management identified as part of the other Week 7 assignment. Write a literature review, in which you focus on comparing and contrasting findings, examine the theoretical underpinnings of each study, and identify knowledge gaps across studies.

Length: 3-4 pages.

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