A Proposal to the Student Council Write a proposal to the Student Council (or its equivalent) at your school or college, describing an innovative

A Proposal to the Student CouncilWrite a proposal to the Student Council (or its equivalent) at your school or college, describing an innovative idea you have that you would like the council to implement. The idea may be one of the following:1.A plan to set up a 2-4 day skiing trip to one of the ski resorts nearest to your college, to be held during a mid-term or between-term break. Work out the details and use them to answer questions the Student Council is likely to ask, such as these:Answer even more questions than are listed here•When will it happen?•How much will it cost?•Where is the resort?•What lodgings are available, and at what cost?•What arrangements will be made to rent a coach, and at what cost?•Who will make all the arrangements?•How will it be marketed?2.A plan to set up a money-making event that will generate funds for a charity (you choose which one). Identify an event that will be particularly visible and so promote the charity’s need for funds. Typically, students taking part in the event obtain sponsors who promise to donate a specified amount if the student they sponsor completes an activity such as a 50-mile bicycle ride, a 20-lap swim, a 10-mile hike, and so on. Describe why the charity is worth supporting, how the event will be organized, who will do the organizing, and how the event will be publicized, either through the school’s internal media or to the general public.3.A plan to clean up the neighborhood around the school or college. From time to time there have been complaints from residents on neighboring streets that the students drop gum and candy wrappers, looseleaf pages, cigarette packs and butts, and so on, as they walk to and from the local bus stop or their cars. The residents complain that the students’ debris lowers the quality of the neighborhood and reduces house values. Suggest that the Student Council set up cleanup crews who will regularly (once a week?) search the neighboring streets for rubbish and collect it in large garbage bags. A key factor in your proposal is that the Student Council should send out a news release to the local media, to demonstrate that the College’s/School’s students are very conscious of the image they create and that they want to contribute actively to the neighborhood’s environment. Be ready to counter remarks from the Student Council that the local residents contribute much of the garbage they are complaining about.

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