A synonym for damages is A.fine B.tortfeasor C.punishment D.compensation 2.

Please​ help need work with explanation thank you

1. A synonym for damages is





2. If a plaintiff establishes a defendant’s liability by a preponderance of the evidence, then the plaintiff has demonstrated that the defendant has committed a



 C.crime and a tort


3. The single most significant source of today’s tort law is


 B.common law

 C.trespass on the case


4. In a hierarchy of sources of tort law, which contains the greatest and most powerful concepts of law?



 C.common law


5. A very powerful means of a court’s communicating its disapproval of a defendant’s conduct and of a desire to discourage such conduct in the future involves

 A.a sentence


 C.a statute

 D.punitive damages

6. Which of the following statements related to how property is viewed is incorrect?

 A.Communist countries in the past had community property.

 B.Mexicans view property ownership in a utilitarian way.

 C.The Japanese consider property as unimportant.

 D.People in the United States are possessive of property.

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