Accounting Harmonization, Written Assignment help

We have discussed harmonization throughout the course. The debate has intensified over the past decade with proponents arguing that harmonization is necessary for comparability purposes. Opponents say it is not necessary due to country differences.

Take a few moments to revisit your Week 02 Written Assignment-Classification assignment, which was based on the Christopher Nobes article. In your submission you speculated on a classification of accounting systems that might come into being 10 years into the future. You specified what factors motivated your particular classification.

Assume that harmonization of accounting standards became a reality. Consider how your classification would change. Based on what you have learned since your Week 02 assignment and the assumption that harmonization now exists, update your accounting classification, and resubmit.

In addition, include a 2-3 paragraph essay that discusses which side of the harmonization issue that you support. Make sure that you support your position with research.

I have attached my previous paper and original article.

Please make this paper at least 1-2 pages and in APA format.

Please include a reference page and site sources within the paper.

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