Acute and Chronic Care


Acute and Chronic Care-DBQ

Minimum 1 page AMA format for citations

The film Escape Fire discusses the provision of care in the United States. Several concerns were raised in the film. A large cost for the health care system and families is post-acute care.  The level of demand for hospital, home care, and nursing home stay is often dependent upon source of funding and there are many regulations placed upon supplying both markets. Based on what you saw in the movie and the resources address each of following questions:

· How does this compare to other nations?

· What services are and are not covered in other nations?

· What changes could be implemented within the current system to improve efficiencies and distribution in both markets?

Additional Articles for Reference

United States

· Karp, Joseph S., and Sara I. Gershbein. “Poor on paper: An overview of the ethics and morality of Medicaid planning.” Florida Bar Journal 79.9 (2005): 61-65.

· Compare Long Term Care Costs Across the United States:

United Kingdom

· Paying for Permanent Residential Care:


· Three Policy Issues in Deciding the Cost of Nursing Home Care: Provincial Differences and How They Influence Elderly Couples; Experiences by Robin L. Stadnyk:

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