Age Discrimination in Job Ads

Do EEOC Violations Discussions And Reply To Angelas Discussion And Edwards Discussion!!

Read “Case Studies of Age Discrimination in Job Ads (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.”.  Select two out of the five case studies and present your defense  strategy as if you were the HR representative for the company that  potentially violated EEOC guidelines. Try to explain why you may be in  compliance, or simply defend your company in lieu of a potential  lawsuit. In order to provide a thorough analysis, please use at least  two other sources in addition to the official EEOC (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website.

Respond to at least two of your classmate’s posts. Select those who  have presented a different defense strategy than your own, noting any  pros and cons of their argument.

Reply to Angelas Discussion

I have chosen the case study 1 Steve who is a 67 year old male (EEOC,  2018). Steve wanted to work as a cashier and went to apply for the job  as cashier and Steve was told he could not apply for the cashier  position. The manager told Steve that he could not apply for the cashier  position because he was not a young person and Steve could not lift  25-30 pounds. The HR representative for my company did not violate the  EECO guidelines of age discrimination because of placing a job ad.  My  company  should not be liable for any part of how the job ad was placed  in the newspaper because the job ad was not printed correctly. The ad  was to  read needed is a healthy person that can lift 25-30 pounds and  the person should have cashier experience.

I have chosen the case study 2 Curtis 57 year old male (EAHRC,  2018). Curtis wanted to be hire as a person that would work as a new  waive graphic artist and Curtis needed four years of experience. Curtis  was turn down because my companies HR complied with the EEOC  guidelines.  My company is allowed to hire and firer at well. If I place  a job ad that stated the person needs to be 57 years old it is because  my health insurance an other insurances will not allow me to hire any  more than the certain age and that is why my job ad was put in the new  paper ad with a certain age group. I did offer Curtis another position  as a new waive graphic in the same building in two weeks but Curtis did  not want the job I offer him my company is within EEOC guidelines and is  in compliance with the state laws.


Equality and Human Rights Commission (2018). Age discrimination. What  is age discrimination. United States.

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Reply to Edwards discussion-

After reviewing caste study 1, my actions are justified regarding the  job post that wanted a young applicant due to the federal register  guidelines. “To state that an employment practice that has an adverse  impact on individuals within the protected age group on the basis of  older age is discriminatory unless the practice is justified by a  “reasonable factor other than age” (29 CFR 1625.7, 2012). As a human  resources representative, it is my duty to dispense funds as needed and  find ways to conserve them as well. “Tax legislation, pension plans,  Social Security, retirement plans and funding options, tax benefits, and  other policies, regulations, and laws are all prominent examples of  governmental factors that must be considered in the HR planning process”  (Geissler, 2005, p. 2.2). The applicant who feels discriminated against  is 67 years old, which makes my actions compliant with the eeoc because  I do not have any retirement funds available for this position and  individuals begin to retire at 65.

My company can also be defended in a lawsuit with the 47-year-old  model who was turned down for a job because of her age. “For the last 23  cycles, the show “America’s Next Top Model” has had age limits. You  couldn’t be older than 27 years old to compete in the reality contest”  (Lee, 2017). Even though the model did appear to look young, we market  them to appear on magazines, billboards, television shows, calendars and  other types of photoshoots. Our business partners including ourselves  would consider a model in their 40’s as a risk because the current  market tends to enjoy models in their 20’s, which means Cindy was  discriminated over her age because of financial reasons.


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