All of the following are true regarding planning for your future EXCEPT which one? We live in a…

All of the following are true regarding planning for your
future EXCEPT which one?

We live in a dramatically changing, global

You will probably work for the same employer
for your entire career.
Technology has a major impact on change.

Your grades can affect your future

Making a major or career choice can be
overwhelming for many students.

Question 2. Question
: When writing your resume,
which one of the following is most important to remember?

: Be truthful.

It is yours, so don’t let anyone else review
it for you.

Give lots of detail because a potential
employer will always take the time to read your entire resume if it is well
Use a fancy font to make your resume stand
out from the crowd.
None of the above is a good thing to do when
writing your resume.

Question 3. Question
: Which is NOT a recommendation
for preparing for your future success?

Improve your communication skills.

Build your computer skills.

Give back to your community by volunteering
your time and talents.
Focus only on what the employer wants, not
your abilities and values.
Get involved and stay active.

Question 4. Question
: Which element of the REWARDS
interviews preparation process is NOT defined correctly?

Rapport—Use verbal and nonverbal
communication to build a relationship.
Appearance—Pay careful attention to your
attire, grooming, and hygiene.
Demeanor—Carry yourself with confidence.

Willingness—Avoid jumping into new projects
and technologies.
Sincerity—Be yourself in the interview.

Question 5. Question
: Which step in the job search
process do most people fail to complete?

Use quality paper for the resume.

Dress well for the interview.

Write a follow-up thank you note.

Include a cover letter with the job
application and resume.

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