All of the following are ways to encourage top managers toact in the best interests of the sharehold

All of the following are ways to encourage top managers toact in the best interests of the shareholders except:Question 2.2.(Points : 5)Boardindependencemightevidenceencourageisit,althoughtheinconclusiveIncluding close personal friends of the CEO on the board ofdirectorsIncentiveGovernmentcompensationregulationThreat of a hostile takeoverWhich of the following is least likely to be a source ofsustainable competitive advantage? (Points : 5)Question 6.6.A unique and valuable relationship with an importantstakeholderA computer programAn organization’s cultureAn organization’s reputationA well-known and respected brandIn Collin’s (Good to Great) leadership skills hierarchy, theskill that comes right after becoming a capable individual is:Question 7.7.(Points : 5)Becoming an organizerBecoming an effective leaderBecoming a team playerBecoming a transformational leaderBecoming a super starWhat are the probable implications of a firm neglecting itsknowledge and learning resources?Question 8.8.(Points : 5)It will become weaker financiallyIts general organizational resources will become weakerIts physical resources will become weakerIts human resources will become weakerAll of the aboveQuestion 9.9.The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002:(Points : 5)Provides requirements regarding independence of corporateauditorsRequires that financial records be kept for at least five yearsRequires the CEO to personally certify the corporation’sfinancial reportsWas partially a response to large corporate scandalsAll of the aboveQuestion 10.10.A realized competitive advantage becomes sustainablewhen: (Points : 5)It is unique, valuable, and based on strong financial resourcesIt involves all of the functional areas of the organizationIt is based on a resource or capability that is difficult to imitateby competitors and there is no readily available substituteIt is based on the quality of the organization’s products andservicesBoard members can play important strategic roles inorganizations such as providing advice to managers with regard tostrategies and strategic direction.Question 11.11.(Points : 5)TrueFalseThe labels a firm uses for its written statements ofstrategic direction are just as important as the elements theycontain.Question 12.12.(Points : 5)TrueFalseHuman resource management is a basic activity in thevalue chain.Question 13.13.(Points : 5)TrueFalseEffective training programs can be a source of competitiveadvantage.Question 14.14.(Points : 5)TrueFalseAgency problems occur when an agent sacrifices his orher own interests for the benefit of the organization.Question 15.15.(Points : 5)TrueFalseIt has been suggested that the business definitionquestion should include not only “What is our business?†but also“What was our business?â€Question 16.16.(Points : 5)TrueFalseAn organization’s human resources, physical resources,financial resources, knowledge and learning resources, and generalorganizational resources are highly interconnected.Question 17.17.(Points : 5)TrueFalseTacit knowledge can be communicated with precisionthrough written means.Question 18.18.(Points : 5)TrueFalseSustainable development is defined as growth that issustainable because there are so many available resources thatthey will virtually never run out.Question 19.19.(Points : 5)TrueFalseThe traditional view of leaders in organizations is that theyset direction, make the important decisions, and rally the followers.Question 20.20.(Points : 5)TrueFalse

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