and Barnes & Nobel, marketing homework help

For this exercise, you need to select two companies in the same industry (i.e., brand competitors such as and Barnes & Nobel or Home Depot and Lowes or TGI Fridays and Olive Garden) with which you are somewhat familiar. Spend some time exploring the websites for both companies. To receive credit for this exercise, create a new journal entry and answer the following questions: 1. Which companies did you select? Why did you choose these companies? 2. Based on their websites, compare and contrast the target markets. What variables did each company use to segment its market and identify their target market(s)? 3. Describe how these companies use their websites for positioning. What aspects of company and product differentiation did you find within each website? 4. In your opinion, which company does the better job of positioning and differentiation to attract its target market(s)? Explain.

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