An analysis brand short essay

Requirements: (the brand must be Sephora, and the external link is the article about the brand and search from the google.)

Use the same brand from your last assignment, and then write a 500+ word professional audit (an overview in narrative form, written for a client – so make sure it is clear and well-written) that focuses on how your brand uses social media. Make sure to cover:

● What social media platforms does your brand use? (include links)

● How does your brand use social media on each platform? (Check out the “4 Essentials To Building Your Brand on Social Media” to see how one study examined

● Facebook posting strategies for a few big retailers as an example for this)

● What’s most interesting to you about how your brand uses social media?

● What audiences did you identify as important to your brand in Week 1? How is your brand using social media to reach those audiences? Is it doing a good job? Why or why not?

● What kinds of conversations do you see on your brand’s social media accounts? Does your brand respond to others?

● What content is used most effectively on your brand’s social media channels?

Please make sure to cite and thoughtfully analyze content from this week’s readings in your response.(reading link: ,…)


● Include two external links

● Include one photo or video

● Assignment title must be catchy and interesting

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