Analyze reform movements related to corrections systems

The direction of corrections is influenced by many factors. Throughout history, models have driven change in corrections. The medical model is a model of corrections based on the assumption that criminal behavior is caused by social, psychological, or biological deficiencies that require treatment. The community corrections model is based on the assumption that reintegrating the offender into the community should be the goal of the criminal justice system. The crime control model of corrections is based on the assumption that criminal behavior can be controlled by more use of incarceration and other forms of strict supervision. Understanding the driving forces and implications associated with those forces provides important insight into corrections today. Let us connect the past with the present.


For your assignment, create a 8–10 slide PowerPoint presentation, addressing the following:

  1. Lay out the foundation for the medical, community corrections, and crime control models of corrections.
  2. Establish one way each model has impacted reform in corrections throughout history.
  3. Correlate each model with one impact on modern corrections.

Insert high-level points and graphics in the slide body. Build out the narrative in the speaker’s notes, citing a minimum of two academically verified references.


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