Analyze the following case from Turner, Weickgenannt, and Copeland (2017):

Analyze the following case from Turner, Weickgenannt, and Copeland (2017):

At the old city hall, mail was sorted in a glorified closet—not the sort of place you’d expect to be frequented by a high‐ranking city official with multiple degrees. However, the city of Weston’s chief financial officer, Steve Kaufmann, had an unusual interest in the mail. He was often known to greet the postal carrier at the door to receive the day’s delivery, take it to the mail closet, then immediately remove selected envelopes and parcels and take them to the privacy of his office. Other times, he would request hand delivery of incoming payments, circumventing the mail closet altogether.

These activities were part of an elaborate embezzlement scheme that resulted in the loss of millions of dollars for the city. Mr. Kaufmann was intercepting checks written to the city and endorsing them to his personal bank account.

The procedural manual for Weston’s accounting department described mailroom policies, including the requirement for a clerk to log checks into a computer file and a receipt. Another employee was responsible for preparing an independent verification of the amount of the receipts, and a third employee made the bank deposit. Despite these written guidelines, Mr. Kaufmann was often known to carry out some of these tasks himself, or to claim to be doing so.

In response to the news of this fraud, the CFO of a neighboring community commented that many cities are unable to achieve strong internal controls because of the limitations of small staff size and tight operating budgets. Rather, small cities often have no choice but to rely on the integrity of their employees. (p.100)

Perform an analysis on the internal control activities that were violated in order for Mr. Kaufmann to perpetrate this fraud. Is this case an example of management fraud or employee fraud? Determine if the city’s procedural manual was adequate for prescribing internal controls to prevent this type of fraud. Why do you think no one reported the unusual mailroom practices of Mr. Kaufmann?

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