Annotated Bibliography


Annotated Bibliography

Format for Annotated Bibliography

Skip a space and then double space an entry of four to five sentences in which you give the “bottom line” of what you learned from this particular source and state its relevance to your research project. Be explicit–in other words, state directly–“This is relevant to my research because” or something like, “This source is important because it helps me understand….” Don’t write jargon or technical information in your entry or cut and paste the abstract or do anything except simply explain the relevance and bottom line.  Then, skip a space and write your second citation, single spaced.  Then, skip a space and write your second four to five sentence entry.  Then skip a space  Repeat this process until you have written about all four sources (or more, if you have them).  Remember, make sure your sources are all cited in APA 6th edition style and are in alphabetical order, according to last name. For all sources that you retrieved online, please put the date you retrieved them and the complete URL of the source itself, not the database where you found it, at the end of your citation. I prefer this to the doi number that is commonly used.

Your bibliography should be two pages or less, if you are using four sources.

Given that we may have to cancel class one day next week and you already have two assignments for next week, your annotated bibliography will be due on May 31, along with your alphanumeric outline (We will go over that in class, too, on May 30th and June 2).

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