Answer questions in a memo format about a job offer

Start with a job ad of your choosing and answer the following questions in memo format.

1. Why did you choose this job ad? Do you feel that you are qualified for the position?

2. How long has the ad been posted? If it has been posted for a long period of time, are you sure that the position is still available? How?

3. Where is the company located?

4. What skills is your prospective employer seeking, from most important to least important? (bulleted list)

5. Did you know anything about the company before you saw the job ad?

6. What is the mission statement of the company? History of company?  Remember that it is essential for you to learn as much about the company as possible; you can use such knowledge for your cover letter and interview. 

7. What are keywords on the website that you can use in your cover letter and interview? (list)

8. Based on your research, what is your personal sense about the company? What do you feel the company values?

Use a technology company in new york for the job offer. 

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