answer the questions

INSTRUCTIONS:  Answer both questions in no more than 3 pages total using New Times Roman and 12 font.   


Former DHS Secretary Chertoff under the Obama Administration commented on Trump’s proposal to build a wall between the southern U.S. and Mexico: “If you are going to look at the mission of DHS, in which priority No. 1 is security, you have to take an approach to the budget that balances all the elements of security.”  “I’ll be less polite—this proposal is nonsense.  It sacrifices real, every-day security programs on the altar of a campaign promise that will not increase security one iota.”  What homeland security programs is Trump proposing to cut to pay for the wall?  Is Secretary Chertoff right or wrong in his criticism, and why?


Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in 1840:  “There are two things that a democratic people will always find very difficult, to begin a war and to end it.”  Apply this observation to terrorism with your analysis and examples.

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