Answers should be in 4 decimal points Problem 7. (14 points) You are employed as an operations and q

Answers should be in 4 decimal points
Problem 7. (14 points)
You are
employed as an operations and quality assurance analyst at the Darden
Restaurant Group’s Restaurant Support Center at Orlando, FL. Darden owns and
operates more than 2000 restaurants in the United States, including the Red
Lobster and Olive Garden chains.
Information about Darden is available”>
Information about Darden’s Restaurant Support Center is available”>
Your manager
asked you to analyze customer complaint records and make recommendations to
improve operations quality and increase customer satisfaction at an Olive
Garden restaurant. At each restaurant,
when a customer asks for a receipt, the wait staff brings the customer a blank
feedback card along with the receipt. The wait staff encourages the customers
to fill in the feedback cards before they leave. Most customers do not bother
filling the card, but some take this as an opportunity to praise or complain
about various aspects of their dining experience. The restaurant has sent the feedback cards
filled by customers that dined in the restaurant in the past 4 weeks. An intern at the company copied the
information provided by the customers to an Excel spreadsheet and has
classified each complaint into one of several categories provided by your
manager. You can see the Excel file on
Blackboard named TC#2 Data. The data
includes the complaints only. .docx#_ftn1″ title=””>[1]

(8 points)The Pareto
principle says that about 80% of operational problems are associated with only
20% of the causes. Prepare a Pareto Chart for the restaurant to show the number
and frequency of quality related incidents by category. You can refer”>″> to learn
how to prepare Pareto Charts on Excel. Add your Pareto Chart to your report as
Figure-1 (see below).

In your
Pareto Chart, the x-axis should show all categories of complaints. The primary
y-axis must be the number of complaints. The primary series must be displayed
as a column chart (bar chart). The columns display the categories in descending
order of number of complaints (i.e, the tallest bar is the first and the
shortest bar is the last displayed on the x-axis). The secondary y-axis must be the cumulative
percentage of complaints (reported as percentages). The secondary series must
be displayed as a line chart. These are
the norms of a Pareto Chart.

Pareto chart of complaints
(2 points) Complete Table-1 below and report
the top three most common categories of complaints at the restaurant. The analysis you conduct to complete the
Pareto chart is sufficient to complete the table; the table provides more
detailed information about the top three causes of complaints at the

Rank (from
most frequent to least frequent)


No. of

Frequency of incidents as a % of total

% of incidents




Table-3. Top
three most common quality-related incidents at the restaurant.

(4 points) Although the goal is to minimize
and eliminate the complaints at this restaurant (and all others that belong to
Darden), it is impossible to tackle all problems at the same time. It is too
time consuming and expensive to ensure a 100% defect-free process. The
restaurant wants to identify a few areas that would have the highest impact on
quality. What are the types of problems that the restaurant should target first
to increase customer satisfaction? What recommendations can you make to the
company to focus their efforts to minimize the number of complaints? Be very
specific about your recommendations (i.e. discuss what exactly needs to be done
to prevent similar complaints in the future).

.docx#_ftnref1″ title=””>[1]The data is
fictitious. This homework question and the associated data do not intend to
promote or demote any restaurant owned or managed by the Darden Restaurant

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