any ideas for my conclusion. this is my introduction The case explains how Heller who was an S.T officer in the Washington D.

any ideas for my conclusion….

this is my introduction

 The case explains how Heller who was an S.W.A.T officer in the Washington D.C. Department was sued against the District of Columbia court for having justified bearing a gun when Heller was off duty (Duignan, 2017). After the Supreme Court spend time and effort on the case it came into conclusion that Heller has the right to own a gun off duty under the law (5-4) (Duignan, 2017). Every individual who is in possession of a gun has the responsibility of using the gun wisely and not in a hurtful way. People should agree that owning a gun is used for self-defense, hobby, entertainment and it is demonstrated under the legal law and in the constitution

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