Are the resources available to reach the goal? If not how will they be obtained?

The word for Legal Secretaries Case Study
Tim Trainer has been asked to come in and help administrative assistants at Law Legal using Microsoft Word. The administrative assistants must use Word to type up legal briefs using tools they do not use on a normal basis, such as line numbering, spacing, and table of contents. Tim collects some data from the law office and finds the administrative assistants ages are 38-62, they work on computers all day and have many training handouts posted on their desk to carry out tasks. Tim Trainer has a training room with computers, a projector, and a laptop for him to use.
Fill out the SMART Program Design Plan for Tim.
SMART Goal Worksheet
Today’s Date
Target Date
Start Date
Date Achieved
Specific: What exactly will be accomplished?
Measurable: How will you know when the goal is reached?
Attainable: Are the resources available to reach the goal? If not how will they be obtained?
Role-Related: Is this goal hitting the correct audience?
Time-Bound: When will the goal be achieved?
2) Adayana Automotive Case Study (750 or more words)
Go to the website for Adayana Automotive, an outsourcing company that specializes in training for the automotive industry.
What services does Adayana Automotive provide?
If you worked as a human resource professional in the automotive industry, what would be the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing training to Adayana Automotive?

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