Argumentative Essay : Is online learning as good as face-to-face learning?

 Argumentative Essay Instructions


Your assignment is to write an argumentative essay in which you take a position on one of the issues listed on the second page of these directions.

Your papers should follow the guidelines below:

I. Introduction – Give background or perhaps an illustrative example to show the significance of the subject or the nature of the controversy. Consider stating the conclusion of your argument here as the thesis of your essay.

II. Refutation – Give a brief statement of a refutation of the opposing view(s) to make your reader aware that you have considered but rejected it (them) for good reasons. This refutation may be more appropriately placed last, just before your conclusion, or even interspersed at effective locations throughout the essay. You must choose the best location.

III. Presentation of your argument – Throughout the body of your essay you should build your case one point at a time, perhaps devoting one paragraph to the defense of each of your premises, or setting forth your evidence in separate, meaningful categories.

IV. Conclusion – After all your evidence has been presented and/or your premises defended, pull your whole argument together in the last paragraph by showing how the evidence you have presented provides sufficient grounds for accepting your conclusion. You may also add here some conventional device to finish your essay, such as a prediction, a new example, a reference to the example with which you began (now seen in a new light) etc.


Your papers should be in MLA format:

The basics: One-inch margins, 12-point font (Times New Roman), double-spacing at 0 point (you will usually need to change this since most Word programs default to 8 or 10-point spacing), name and page number in header top right, informational header on first page only top left, in-text citations when appropriate, title on first page, works cited page. Nothing underlined. Nothing in bold. No other font sizes. No other fonts but the one suggested above (particularly comic sans). No title pages. No extra spacing after/before paragraphs or sentences.

Essays should be 6-7 pageslong and incorporate at least 4-5 different sources of scholarly information (e.g., governmental publications, academic journals/books, etc.). (NOTE: Newspapers and magazines may be used, but they are NOT considered scholarly/academic resources). All referencing information should be available there. However, if you have a question that this page cannot answer, please ask me for clarification.

This is a formal paper—use proper grammar, no contractions, no slang, avoid “passive voice,” etc.

Your writing should be succinct, without errors, and sole-authored. Your writing should flow smoothly from sentence to sentence and from paragraph to paragraph (use appropriate transitions)—proofread carefully to assure that this happens. If it “sounds” wrong, it probably is.

****Remember, plagiarism is grounds for failing this course. ****

Choose one of the following prompts for your argumentative essay. Choose wisely because once you get started, you may not have enough time to start over. I suggest you research the topics during the brainstorming process and choose the one you find most interesting.

Argumentative Essay Prompts

• Is online learning as good as face-to-face learning?

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