Assignment 3:Global Governance Research Assignment 3 Please choose one of the following…

Assignment 3:Global Governance Research

Assignment 3

Please choose one of the following organizations to research for this assignment.  (If you’d like to do an organization I have not listed here, please contact me to ask for permission.)

International Criminal Court

United Nations

World Bank

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Do some basic research about this organization using whatever sources you wish (so long as they are credible sources).  Focus on:

What people/nations make up this organization?

What is this organization’s history?

What is the organization’s mission and what are its major activities?

What are the organization’s main strengths?  What are its major weaknesses?  What do critics of this organization say about it?

Finally, write up what you found in a two- to three-page paper, typed and double-spaced.  Include in your paper your own conclusions about this organization and what it tells you about global governance in general.  Be sure to attach a Works Cited page listing the sources you consulted and to properly cite your references within your paper.……………..Answer Preview………………

Assignment 3: Global Governance ResearchInternational Criminal Court

The international criminal court popularly referred to as ICC is an intergovernmental organization that is located at The Hague in Netherlands. The organization is made up of one hundred and twenty four states that have accepted…..


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