Assignment Content Complete the module “Configure Client-Side DNS”, in the Practice Labs course…

Assignment Content    Complete the module “Configure Client-Side DNS”, in the Practice Labs course “CompTIA Linux + LX0-104”:
Note: In this module, you will go through some advanced networking commands. These commands will allow the configuration of new DNS settings.

Capture screenshots after completing each command line step. Paste screenshots into a Word document.
You are a Linux system administrator for AlphaBeta, Inc., a local small business. It is your job to manage 3 Linux servers. You have to train a new employee as your backup. This employee has no previous Linux experience, though your new protégée has been learning the fundamentals of DNS. This morning the boss states that he is getting an error message when going to He thinks it is a DNS issue and asks your team to look into it. You decide it would be appropriate to create instructions for both your boss and your protégée so they can help themselves in the future.

Write a 1- to 2-page step-action table Microsoft® Word that addresses the following: The detailed steps needed to query a remote DNS server The detailed steps to configure the proper DNS servers on a Linux box The steps to modify the order in which name resolution takes place Be very spnment Lastly, accurately explain to your protégée why systems that require a presence on the Internet are given a hostname, called a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), according to a hierarchical naming scheme, called Domain Name Space (DNS)

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