Assignment – Reflective journal on capstone project experience and professional exposure report…

Assignment – Reflective journal on capstone project experience and professional exposure report

Report should include the following components: A minimum of 1000 words report outlining your professional development during the professional exposure.

Details of Report – The report should be 1000 words long, plus figures, tables and references and any appendices originating from the actual report in industry. Note the appendices mentioned here are different from the weekly diary of activities. The report should have the following sections:

1. Title page, your name, school and student number.

2. Technical Skills Developed During Professional Exposure. Write technical reflective journal on the following points:

2.1 Write a summary of overall professional exposure.

2.2 Did you have prior knowledge to understand the professional expectation? Map all units that was useful during your professional exposure and how did you apply your prior knowledge and skills.

2.3 What are the new technical skills or knowledge did you learn from industry?

2.4 Where can you use that exposure in future?

3. Professional Skills Developed During Professional Exposure. Map your outcome to ACS CBOK knowledge key words.

a) Identify the specific skills that your specific practical exposure best matches to and state why that is so.

i) Include a good example from your practical exposure to demonstrate how you may have developed in the skills identified.

ii) Justify yourself by filling in the “Graduate Outcomes Table” (Appendix A). The justification should reflect the stage you are in your development of the skill.

b) As you look into the future as a networking graduate, use your professional exposure to address the following questions:

i) Based on your professional exposure what would you like to change in the way and manner you approach your study? Explain.

b) What would you recommend to those who structure your degree program to change to ensure you become a successful networking professional in future?

c) Your plans for your future as a networking graduate.

i) What types of work environments attract you the most?

ii) Are there specific networking challenges that you are more interested in for the future? Explain.

iii) Have your ideas about your future direction developed during the practical exposure? Explain.

iv) Which specific aspects of your professional exposure did you enjoy the most? Which aspects did you not like the most? How will these influence how you think about your future as a network professional?

4. References

You should reference all the materials you have used in preparing this report. Ensure that your report follows the IEEE referencing format.

Note – Write according given instruction and carefully cover all points and questions. Mention attended conferences in the bottom with links.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

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