basic concepts and terminology associated with nursing research and informatics

EBP and Informatics Assignment From Readings, Assignments, and Discussions, the students will be able to: 1. Recognize the basic concepts and terminology associated with nursing research and informatics. 2. Discuss the relationship between quality improvement, informatics, and evidence-based practice. Readings: McManus, R., Nemec, E., C., Ferer, D., S., & Gumpper, K., F. (2012). Suggested definitions for informatics terms: Interfacing, integration, and interoperability. American Journal of HealthSystem Pharmacy, 69(13), 1163–1165. doi:10.2146/ajhp110612 Activity: Write a one paragraph (Maximum 500 words) description of the following: Who in your workplace is responsible for implementation and ongoing maintenance of the electronic medical record (EMR)? How were nurses involved in the implementation of EMR? How is the EMR used for quality improvement in your institution or agency? Identify one recommendation for improvement in application of informatics to the practice setting. Use appropriate terminology in describing the implementation. Include discussion of one evidencebased resource (beyond readings) applying informatics in practice. (5 points) Rubric: Nurses role in informatics 1 Use in quality improvement 1 Discussion of reference 1 Terminology 1 APA citation/reference 1 Total 5

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