Big Data Security and Privacy


DB Related Topic/Proposal

Requirement is two parts and they need to be done in two separate documents using APA template on ShareLatex.

Part 1: 300-350 word based on questions below on the specified topic.

Topic: Big Data Security and Privacy

a. Big Data System Security and Integrity

b. Big Data Information Security

c. Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics

d. Usable Security and Privacy for Big Data

APA Template from ShareLatex.  A minimum of 300 words words is required.

The topic is selected above, so write this based on above as if you had to come up with it.

1. What research questions did you consider to help you focus your topic?

2. Do you consider your research topic an “issue” as defined in the thread Developing a Research Question?

3. Does your research topic describe a problem you will attempt to solve?

4. Does your research topic describe a position you will take on a topic related to database systems?

5. Why do you believe your research topic is not too broad or too narrow?

Plan to make steady progress toward a completed research project and report.  The posting must follow APA Formatting and Style Guide.  Check the sites listed below for potential research topics.

Part 2: Proposal 350-400 words (based on the above topic) also, make sure the Bold portion is done.

The proposal must be submitted using the APA template from ShareLatex and contain the points listed below.  Check the attachments for further details.

· Proposed title

· A preliminary outline of the material you will cover in your report.

· Introduction and Problem Statement, which must be based on facts that are supported by ten or more sources of relevant research.

· Purpose of Study, which must be clearly stated and connected with the introduction and problem statement.

· Research Hypothesis, which must be based on the purpose of the study and follow all the guidelines for hypothesis statement.

· Literature Review, which must include a minimum of 10 quality references.  Each of the references must be briefly described and connected with the thesis and problem statement.

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