Biology Concepts, algae plants, homework help

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BIO100Biology Concepts Lab Practical 1This assessment is worth 200 points. All questions are worth 8 points.Warning: You have only ONE attempt to take this practical. If you are ready to continue, please read and follow the instructions below in order to successfully take your timed lab practical. You have a total of 13 minutes to complete the lab practical which contains 25 questions. You should allot about 30 seconds per question. A timer is at the top of the page to help you keep track of the time. Questions will be displayed two at a time. After answering both questions, click on the Next button located below the questions to advance to the next set of questions. After 13 minutes have passed, the practical will automatically be submitted and your answers saved. Do not click the Back button on your browser at anytime during this practical as you may lose your answers and your ability to continue with the practical.

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