A very brief description of the event attended.


MGT Case Analysis

Individual Experiential Assignment

Over the course of the semester, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of events with business professionals and peers aimed at increasing your understanding about how the concepts covered in the course are applied in practice. These commonly include a UD Walk the Talk session or perhaps a guest speaker. Five percent of your course grade will be based on your attendance and completion of a written assignment for one of these events.

Topics may include ethical aspects of business, planning, competition, or other related topic. Advance registration is required and space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Specific dates and times will be made available prior to the events. Following the session, you are to provide a report addressing the following:

1. A very brief description of the event attended.

2. A discussion of the MGT490 chapters and topics that best apply to the case. This should be more than a simple mention of the chapter or case. I’m looking for at least 3 areas where you show why & how the material relates. This is a critical part of the assignment.

3. A brief summary of the different views expressed.

4. A brief summary of the alternatives for resolving the issue proposed.

5. The specific course of action that you would recommend for resolving the issue.

6. Your reaction to the presentation or discussion.

7. The key learning points from the event.

Students should individually complete a one page write-up which covers the seven points listed above. The write-up may not exceed one (1) single spaced page (using a font not smaller than Times New Roman 10 point) with 1” margins. The written assignment is due no later than one week following the session. Grading will be based on your participation at the event, and your written work.

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