Business Concept: Automated Grocery



Business Implementation Plan – Amazon Part 1

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Business Implementation Plan – Amazon Part 1

Business Concept: Automated Grocery

In the world of retail marketing, Amazon is considered as the leader due to the many efforts that it has put in place. In line with its concept of being an innovative organization, Amazon has come up with a new concept that is known as automated grocery. This is a new concept that when well utilized will make lead to new ways of shopping but that will depend on whether the concept will get funded. At the same time, the concept happens to be one of a kind as there is no any other retail organization that has tried the concept. Once funded the concept promises to be a game changer in grocery and in the retail industry(Spellman,2016). This technology is mainly based on whether technology is able to meet its expectations.

This concept works in a way that it is termed as ‘just walk out’ since it uses technology through the assistance of deep learning language, vision, and even sensor fusion. These are the driving force behind the development of driving that is autonomous. This concept of just walking out will work in a way that customers will scan their amazon Go apps as they get into the store whereby they will pick what they need and later on walk out. As all that is going on, technology run by Amazon will be able to detect each and every item that a customer is taking or even getting back to the shelves. Amazon technology is also able to track the shopping cart that is virtual(Statler,2016). Finally, after a customer is done with shopping, they will walk out and Amazon will charge and later on a receipt gets sent to a customer.

Problem addressed by Automated Grocery

This is a concept that will be able to get rid of lines, checkouts and even registers. This will, however, happen if the concept will be accepted and if it will get funded. Traditional shopping that has always been in big stores of retail will now be a thing of the past. What stands out is that shoppers will have the time to save time and energy as they will just pick their groceries and go on. In recent times, consumers that shop with Amazon have always been complaining that they spend too much going to their grocery elsewhere. However, with this new concept, it will be easy for the organization to bring a new experience to consumers(Spellman,2016). A nation will then get to be productive as a result of the effort that will be undertaken by Amazon.

Checkouts will also be gotten rid of and that means that consumers will be able to walk freely in an amazon grocery shop. Checkouts are known to occupy space in a store and when the automated grocery will get introduced, things will happen smoothly. At this period where there is not enough space for doing business, Amazon will have saved enough safe to add on something else in their shops. It is no doubt that as a retail business, the organization will be able to grow. The issue of registers will not be there. All these will be as a result of the automated grocery. Instead, consumers will have to use their Amazon Go app and that will mean that technology will be well utilized as it will give reports concerning what customers pick.

Market for the Amazon Go service

Amazon automated grocery will be one of a kind and it is meant to satisfy market needs of a 21st Century shopping person. In this era, shoppers do not want to spend their time in the shopping halls as they have a lot that they will be engaging in. Once this project is funded, the male gender is the one that will get attracted by the service making them love shopping. It is understood that most men do not like to be involved with shopping and with the convenience brought about by this automated service, it will mean that that the men will be the first market. The other market will come from college and university students. This category is known for being tech survey and the automated grocery will be a step in the right direction. There will be no issues trying to please them as they will fall in love with the technology so fast(Statler,2016).

The automated grocery will also get its market from the young mothers. This is the group that is known to shop a lot and since the service will be fast for them, it will be easy for ladies and women to engage with the service as they will be able to look for the desired grocery. In most instances, the women tend to be involved with grocery shopping as compared to the men. The automated grocery will then be able to have a market that is sustainable as women will shop more often. Automated grocery is also destined to have more market in the form of businesses that are located in the city of Seattle. The middle class does not have a lot of time to spend and by use of the Amazon Go app, it will be easy for them to be engaged in shopping as the service will be quick(Spellman,2016).

Competition: Key features that set the service apart from the competition

A majority of retail shops will normally have to check out points and even registers in order to charge customers after they are done with their shopping. However, that is different in the case of Amazon Go. This technology is of a different kind as there is no need for lining up in order to make payments. One has to just walk in and walk out and later use Amazon Go app where they get into the store, pick the products that they want and leave. Customers get to be billed later on by use of their credit cards. This system is one of a kind as it is unique. Looking at the Amazon competitors in the likes of Walmart, they do not have such services. Their retail shops are traditional ones and explain why customers have to line up after they are done with their shopping. Due to the uniqueness that amazon app has, it will be easy to beat competition from other competitors as customers will prefer to trade with Amazon.

Another key feature that comes with Amazon Go is that it offers breakfast that is ready to be taken, dinner, lunch, and snacks that are made by a qualified chef. This then goes to communicate that amazon Go is a unique service that a majority of retail markets do not have. Due to the very fresh products that are offered by Amazon automated grocery, it then gets to be easy for customers to choose what they want and that will make the company to beat competition from other firms that do not use technology in their shopping activities. At the same time, the dinner can be customized as per a customer’s direction(Mishra,2018). This is a unique feature that is not seen in a majority of retail marketing shops since all has been taken into account. As a result of the meals getting customized the way a customer wants, it then sets Amazon Go app in a league of its own.

Company: How the concept fits with the mission, vision, and priorities of the company implementing the service

The mission statement of Amazon says that the organization strives to give its customers prices that are very low with selections that are good and at the same time maintaining convenience. Looking at this mission statement, it there is three points that can be noted; convenience, best selection, and low prices. Looking at the concept of automated grocery via Amazon app, there is no doubt that it is in line with the mission statement of the organization. The concept is able to offer convenience that no other retail marketer is offering. This is attributed to the fact that customers do not have to line up or even stand at the checkouts in order to pay for the services. This explains that the business concept is very convenient as it does not make customers waste their time. The Amazon app at the same time allows customers to have the best selection from the shelves, this s because they get to select what they want and leave what they do not need. The automated grocery then means that customers are able to satisfy their needs(Steencamp,2018).

Amazon has a pricing strategy that is meant to offer low prices. This makes the company be able to get attractive to all customers. The automated grocery has been described as cheap since it does not overcharge its consumers. This happens to be in line with the mission statement and the concept is able to fulfil all that without failure. On the other hand, the vision statement of the organization states that the company strives to be customer-centric in the earth in order for customers to get and discover whatever they want through the online platform. This vision statement has three key components and they are prioritization of customer, global reach and even a selection that is very wide. The Amazon app may be in its initial stages but there is no doubt that the company is trying to make the concept to reach a majority of consumers(Dastin,2018). The organization has its first shop in Seattle but after some time it is expected that the organization shall be in other towns. All this is in line with making the concept to realign with the vision statement of the company. Amazon priority is to offer its customers the satisfaction that they need. This then gets to communicate that the concept of automated grocery is able to make consumers happy and even delighted in whatever they purchase from the company.

Innovation: why the service is innovative

This Seattle shop called Amazon Go has used technology in order to carry out its business. It is a first of its kind and that shows that the service is innovative. This service uses cameras together with sensors in tracking what the shoppers get from the shelves and at the same time what shoppers return to the shelves can be tracked. Since there is no other retail shop doing such a thing, this explains how the concept is innovative. The technology that is involved is one of a kind as other retail shops have not been able to do such(Mishra,2018). The innovativeness of this service is further seen in that there are no checkout lines or cash registers since customers will have to be billed after they have left the Seattle store. Many consumer experts admit that this type of technology has not been seen before. They believe that the technology has advanced machine learning and computer vision since the system is a state of the art.

The innovativeness of this service can further be explained in that customers have to scan their Amazon Go apps by use of their smartphones before they start shopping. This with no doubt explains the whole concept behind the technology since it has not been seen before and its success will depend on whether the project will fully be funded as that is what will play an important role in making the service to become a success. The concept or the business idea has been in trial for almost a year and Amazon believes that it will be a step in the right direction as the project is meant to revolutionize the way a 21st Century shopper does his thing. It is projected that many customers will be ready to engage with this new innovative service in order for them to have a new experience in the way they do their shopping(Dastin,2018).


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