business Law case


Rule of Law: One sentence that states the general principle of law, i.e., Accountants are not liable to third parties if they were unaware of the existence of a business relationship.OR The police are prohibited from conducting warrantless searches of your home.The Rule of Law should not be phrased in terms of the parties to a particular case. Incorrect: The South Orange Police had no right to search Mark Smith’s home for drugs, therefore, the court ruled in favor of Mr. Smith.This type of

statement is appropriate for the Holding section of the Brief.

Reasoning: From where did the court derive its reasoning? Another case? The U.S. Constitution?

This section should be between 3 and 5 sentences.

BRIEFS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON THE DATE ASSIGNED FOR COMPLETION. GENERALLY, THEY SHOULD BE ONE, TYPEWRITTEN PAGE. Paraphrase and condense the cases in your own style. Spelling and grammar count. Any deviation from the above format results in a lower grade. Please, proofread your work!Very important!

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