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1.  Exploratory Leadership Interview Paper:

Write a 12 – 15 page paper that discusses the results of two exploratory leadership interviews. The purpose of this exploratory research assignment is to help you to better understand the relevance of having a guiding leadership theory, as you begin your doctoral studies. You will do this by interviewing at least two people whom you consider to be leaders, and by analyzing your discussions with these people.  Only use one theory be sure it is from a primary source. This paper will be due the Saturday following Class 6.

a.  Choose a leadership model

i.  From our readings or your own review of the literature, choose a model (theory) by which to guide your interviews.

b.  Choose leaders

i.  Choose a minimum of two leaders to interview.

ii.  Make sure you have a rationale for selecting the leaders.

c.  Structuring the Paper and the Interview. The paper should contain the following sections:

i.  An overview of why you are interested in the leadership theory you are trying to examine, your method for examining it and what you hope to find.(Be clear and use only one theory)

ii.  A review of leadership literature that tells the “story” behind your research, describes what is already known about the leadership theory you are exploring, and what is unknown. Sources are from academic publications. Keep your focus narrow.

iii.  Method:

(1)  General description of participants

(2)  Description of instruments used (e.g., survey, interviews, etc.)

(3)  Description of  how the results will be organized

iv.  Present the results of your analysis

v.  Discuss the implications of using this leadership theory, for you and for other leaders.

vi.  References: Present a reference list, in APA format, at the end of your paper.

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