Business Regulation I’m resolving a case about Business Regulation The case is about a company that

Business Regulation I’m resolving a case about Business Regulation The case is
about a company that failed to show it had effective systems in place to deal
with the crisis when one of their tankers struck a reef, releasing 11 million
gallon of crude oil into the prism of the blue water on a lake Over 1000 miles
of coastline disappeared When this crisis happened the company showed little
leadership after the event and appeared indifferent to the environmental
destruction The company was fine for corporate irresponsibility

Five years later after enjoying a good overall environmental
regulation compliance record A local resident threaten the companies good
compliance record blaming the company that her daughter’s disease (leukemia)
was due to what happened 5 years ago and that the company still does not comply
with the preservation of the environment

Some of the strategies I developed in the paper base on the
case was:

1 Allow partial release of environmental audit report to
avoid to jeopardized companies competitive position

2 I talked about conducting independent study to lower
accusation blunted by local resident and newspapers (reason and so on)

3 In order to resolve the issue I talked about party
mediation being the quick way to resolve the dispute

Base on the results mentioned above I still need to address
the following questions, please I need your assitance (this section must cover
between 1200 – 1800 words, needs to have references):

aWhat additional strategy (or variation on a given
strategy) would you recommend to the key decision maker in the case to solve
the challenge given?

bIn any dispute where perceptions of the “facts”
are 180 degrees opposite, management has a decision to make whether to fight or
settle If you were the CEO of this company would you have accepted a mediated
settlement with the local resident, assuming that she has already filed a
lawsuit against the company, or would you have spent the money to defend the
company’s position in court?

cThe environment is one area of business regulation where
community stakeholders can make emotional arguments supportive of government
intervention What are some other areas of business regulation that hold
similar dangers for private businesses?

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