BUSM4610: Business Project Management………………. 1 answer below »

Important note: In place of final exam there will be a ‘project appraisal’ (individual) report based on a completed project. Please note that as it will be equivalent to a final exam, we will not give you any formative feedback like the group assignment, nor will we provide results of this assignment on Canvas. You will receive the final total score from RMIT, NOT from the course coordinator.
Each individual student will work on a supplied project (Blue Spider (BS) Project) and will answer specific questions and submit the project appraisal report. The project appraisal report is an opportunity for post-graduate students to demonstrate what they have learned during the semester on project management.
You should discuss each question logically by using references from academic journals and books. The purpose of project management is to achieve a successful project. Some of the answers are matters of opinion and you will need to study literature for ways to approach them. To support your answer, you can take help from project management books, PMBOK, peer reviewed journal articles and authenticated sources.

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