Can someone write 5-6 pages double spaced to the following?, marketing homework help

Paper length: 6-8 (approx) double-spaced pages

Presentation: TBA

Format: Select a service-based company to research (most likely a public one for ease of research).

  • Basic company overview (half a page, main locations, employee #’s, net sales, etc.)
  • What “market” are they competing?
  • Who are their main competitors (think inside and outside the box/marketing myopia)?
  • Who are their main customers (B2B, retail consumers, end-users, etc.)?
  • Describe their main customers? Describe their competitor’s customer (if different).
  • Describe their primary employees (or at least the ones that typically interact w/ customers).
  • What services do they provide? What is the overall service experience (be descriptive)?
  • Is their service standard explicit or implicit?
  • Illustrate somehow/draw/show the service MAP (like the hotel or dry cleaner in book), don’t freak out, even arrows with words will suffice.
  • Where are there gaps (if any and most likely there are)?
  • How do they promote their company? Is it integrated (is it consistent across the board)?
  • Do they overpromise/underpromise?
  • How do the consumers/customers interact with the service experience?
  • How might the service expectations change in the coming years?
  • How can their business/company evolve to meet the expectation changes on the horizon?
  • Is this service experience a marketing differentiation and if so, is it sustainable? Why?
  • Anything we’ve covered in class/textbook that you’ve discovered via your research that the class and I will find interesting.

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