Can the interaction between Wendy, discussion help

Your answers to these questions will be based upon the Sexual Harassment in the Work Place Video. Please view the video before attempting to answer questions.

1. Can the interaction between Wendy (employee) and Mr. Sprouse (client) be categorized as sexual harassment given that Sprouse is not an employer or co-worker and some of his comments were not spoken directly to Wendy. Why or why not? If yes, then who responsible for addressing the issue? If no, what recourse is open to Wendy?

2. When, taken on it own, could the interaction between Wendy and Tom (Wendy’s Supervisor) where Tom invites Wendy to Dinner and drinks after work be construed as sexual harassment? Why or why not.
3. If the subsequent interaction where Tom verbally chastises Wendy is considered with the backdrop of the first interaction, do you think this is a case of sexual harassment? If you answered no to question one, how did the second encounter change your assessment?

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