Capsim Simulation profile

To familiarize yourself with the CapSim simulation and decision making process, individually complete the Rehearsal Tutorial. You will complete one round using the decisions suggested within the Rehearsal, then one round using your own decisions. The intent is for you to be familiar with the decision making process and begin to see how decisions impact business results before making decisions for the product you manage for your team.

Task Assignment Part 1: Complete the CapSim Rehearsal Tutorial

Register for CapSim using the instructions provided by your Instructor
Go to the “Getting Started” item in the upper left hand menu of your CapSim Dashboard
View the Introductory Lesson Video
Click on the Rehearsal Tutorial in the middle of the top menu
Complete steps 1 -4 (through a second round with your own decisions) by clicking on the green “Open Rehearsal Tutorial” that appears at the bottom of your screen
Complete the Quiz in order to process rounds
complete the Situation Analysis

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