Ch 1 DQ: Sources of legal rights11 unread reply.1212 replies.What are legal rights? What are the…

Ch 1 DQ: Sources of legal rights11 unread reply.1212 replies.What are legal rights? What are the sources of such rights? Consider not only legal authorities, e.g., statutes, etc., but also, any social, political, or other context-driven sources of rights. Are some rights more important than others? What happens if two rights are in conflict, i.e. the right to free speech. the right of a business to say anything about their product and the right of the customer to be able to rely on what an advertiser says?Ch 2 DQ: Questions and Problems, pg 31 #555 unread replies.66 replies.Consider the above referenced problem. Respond with your thoughts on the questions presented. Support your responses with legal and/or ethical reasoning. Make sure your return later in the week to see if anyone replied to your post and discussed your ideas. As outlined in the syllabus, each student is expected to make one original post responding to the DQ and follow up with at least two response posts with other students.Ch 3 DQ: Reflection22 unread replies.33 replies.Please post your reflection on what was covered in Chapter 3 after you complete all the other learning activities for Chapter, i.e. Connect activities, reading, etc.Please use this forum to post any comments, observations, questions, examples or applications of the class material, responses to other students’ postings, links to relevant articles, or any combination of the above, all as they relate to this chapterCheck back occasionally to read the responses of other students to your post and to respond to them. It is expected that each student will make one original post and at least two follow up posts to other student posts as outlined in the syllabus.

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