Choosing a degree major, business and finance assignment help

Once I complete my BA in September, I plan on going for my Masters with CSU as well. Initially when I started the program my plan was to go into Human Resource Management, however, that has become more difficult than I expected. I am noticing a lot of jobs in HR want you to already have the experience along with the education. At this point, I still see the value of pursuing my degree because I am also interested in Operations Management and there are alot of skills that can be taken from the HR skill set.

While some who study business may not go into owning their own companies or being in upper management, it is important to understand all concepts of business so that one can understand how it works and relates to what they are doing. Strategic Management specifically matters to all parts of an organization because when people understand the “why” in anything it can help them with processing the reason why certain departments exist and are beneficial.

agree or disagree to this post 2-3 sentences

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