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In chapter 1 of his book, N.T. Wright asks a simple yet profound question, “What am I here for?” In a similar sense, Schmidt (Chapter 1) wants us to explore, “How are people transformed by Jesus Christ different?” while Crouch poses the question, “Why are we in the world and what are we supposed to do here?” and Badaracco asks us to search our hearts for the underlying motivations of our actions and ambitions, asking, “Do I have a good dream?” All of these questions touch on ideas about character, calling, culture, and service.

For this forum’s discussion, Wright presents a notion of the Great Divide – what does he mean by that? What does Wright claim bridges that divide and what is his answer to the question, “What am I here for?” Evaluate Wright’ s position. Do you agree or disagree with him? In terms of moral decision making, what side of the Great Divide do you tend to fall on? Be sure to consider and integrate Scripture and the texts into your responses.

should be at least 200-300 words

Biblical application as required by each forum

APA format

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