Class Activity 1 : Case Study A Women’s Care Hospital with 100 beds in the community was facing a lot of issues with NICU beds shortage.

Class Activity 1:

Case Study

A Women’s Care Hospital with 100 beds in the community was facing a lot of issues with NICU beds shortage. The NICU bed facility had 10 beds and they perform about 30 deliveries. The occupancy rate of the hospital is 74%. Based on this, they opened a new NICU facility with 5 beds. After opening, the hospital had issues with NICU occupancy which remained at 50% and hospital incurring high operational  costs.


1.        What mistake did the hospital do? Did they follow all the steps of hospital planning?

2.        If you were the CEO of this hospital, what would you have done to make sure that the new hospital planned was appropriate and ensured good occupancy rates?

Final Exam – Individual Assignment 45%

An Ophthalmology Hospital called “Super Eye Hospital” with 100 beds in the community is doing exceptionally well with 85% occupancy rates and making good profits. The organization structure has the Governance (board of directors) comprising of Independent board members with the representation from CEO and Medical Director. The Board of Directors and the CEO wanted to set up another hospital with Multi Specialties in the community. Since they are already having a hospital, they asked the in-house engineer to make a plan for the new hospital. This plan was approved by the CEO and the Governance gave their nod. The in-house engineers outsourced the construction to an external firm and they have started building the new facility. Post construction, the hospital was commissioned and inaugurated at the same time. The new hospital operational costs have gone really high with low occupancy and the hospital had to shut down operations as they incurred a huge loss continuously for 18 months.

Questions: (all the questions are compulsory to answer)

1.              What went wrong with the facility once it had opened – in terms of design and finances? Explain in detail                                                   15marks

2.              Why are the occupancy rates low? Elaborate your answer         15marks

3.              What could the Hospital Governing board or management done different to make sure that their decision was right?                                     15marks

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