Class Leader essay

Class Leader essay need help!!

Appendix 1

Pre-Employment Corrections Officer Course

Why I Want To Be Class Leader

To: Sergeant Jeremy Huyck

From: Cadet Samantha Burnett ______________________

Date: March 6, 2018

Subject: Why I Want To Be Class Leader

What makes a great leader? Personally, I believe a great leader makes the hard choices and makes sacrifices in order to enhance the lives of others around them. With this being said, I believe I am that person. I have made sacrifices such as; cutting back on my hours at work, time away from my family in order to succeed and enhance my career in law enforcement.

With a positive attitude and eager to learn more about my fellow classmates, I believe if chosen as class leader that I would search for opportunities to invest in everyone who took the time out that gave me the opportunity to prove what being a class leader is all about. Most importantly take the time out to

Also, I believe in pushing people to be and do their very best. This falls under the term “Motivation”. Motivation, like team leadership is the key in keeping an individual going in achieving his or her goals.

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