Each question must have more than 1 reference and the reference must follow each question. APA guidelines, correct English and grammar. This is one reference that must be used along with other reference. 750 words or more for all question together. Reference: Cardon, P. (2013). Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World. McGraw-Hill, number each question with its own reference. Use the most recent references and use citation if needed

1. Even in today’s day and age, many cyber crimes go unreported. In chapter 24, the authors examine the perceptions of law enforcement and prosecutors in regards to their understanding of, along with issues that surround, the prevention, detection, and investigation of electronic crime. What did their study’s findings conclude?

2. Discuss some of the problems concerning search warrants in cyber crime investigations, particularly in relation to obscenity cases.

3. As a detective with the 15th Precinct, you have been assigned to a case in which Janet Smith claims that her 5-year old son told her that he saw “pictures of children without clothes on daddy’s computer” – John Smith. It should be also be noted that both parents are fighting for primary custody of their son. How would you proceed with this investigation? Do you have probable cause to obtain a search warrant? If so, on what grounds?

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