Community nursing.Friedman family assessment.

1. Complete and attach a Friedman Family Assessment form as an appendix to this paper.
2. Provide a brief overview introducing the family and the context of the family situation.
3. Be sure to assess significant areas of strengths and weaknesses in each area of assessment
? Family cultural, social, and developmental background
? Family environmental data
? Family structure: communication patterns, power structure, role structure, family values, affective function, socialization function, health care function
? Family stress, coping and adaptation: stressors, strengths, and perception
4. Based on your assessment develop three top priority family nursing diagnoses for this family, including at least one wellness diagnosis.
5. Develop a brief health education session to address health promotion, risk reduction, or illness management for one of the diagnosis.
6. In a short closing paragraph evaluate your experience of completing this assignment

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