Complete SDLP, And Journals

The SDLP is an opportunity for you to maximize your learning experience during the course by establishing goals specific to your strengths, development plans, and professional goals.

Now it is time to reflect on what you have accomplished relative to your professional goal during our course experience. I hope you realized many of your expectations and experienced some unanticipated contributions to your professional development.

Retrieve your SDLP that you created in Unit 1. Complete Step 3.

Although I am interested in understanding how this course experience helped you move forward, I am also interested in knowing how you are progressing overall.

Be sure to keep all of your course SDLP assignments in a personal folder or add to your Career Portfolio, if you choose.

Saving them will provide you with a history of your progress that you may choose to use in a job search and for your personal sense of satisfaction.

This assignment will be graded based on evidence of thoughtful development of your SDLP.GM585 SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING PLAN

Your Name:


What do you expect to learn from this course that will help you leverage your strengths?

What do you expect to learn from this course that will help you develop in the areas you have previously identified as opportunities for growth?

Unit 1 – DATE:

Unit 2 – DATE:

Unit 3 – DATE:

Unit 4 – DATE:

Unit 5 – DATE:

Unit 6 – DATE:

Did you learn what you expected to learn? Was there information or insights that helped you that you did not expect to learn at the outset of the course?

Was there anything that you hoped you would learn or skills that you wanted to develop but the opportunity was not present within the context of the course?

In summary, what are the three most valuable things you learned in this course?

How will you use what you have learned in this course to further your professional goals?

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